Lien Waiver & Document Tracking for Construction Projects

Vertical centralizes all data and documentation, making it easy for everyone to know the status of the project and contribute accordingly.

GC using Vertical to send out waivers

Title Companies or Contractors

Request Lien Waivers

Whether a GC, Title Company, or super sub, your contract and payment information serves as the source of truth for lien waiver accounting accuracy.

With a few clicks, waiver requests will go out to all of your project participants for the draw.

Request waivers from subcontractors

Subcontractors & Suppliers

Complete Lien Waivers

Your prime subs will be able to add their own sub tier labor and suppliers as necessary.

Vertical tracks their accounting each draw, ensuring that lien waivers are correct and ready for a signature.

Lien waiver email notification
Adding sub tier labor and supplies
Project owner reviewing lien waivers

Title Companies or Contractors

Review Lien Waivers

Review lien waivers as they are returned. Approve or deny each prime and sub tier contractor or supplier with the ability to add a note.

Your vendors will receive alerts when necessary to resolve issues and move the draw forward.

Approve lien waivers

Subcontractors & Suppliers

Receive Payment Faster

When issues and errors are removed, money can flow through your project more quickly. Build stronger relationships by paying your subcontractors faster than their other projects do.

Happy Subcontractors
From large title companies to mid size contractors...

The best in the business trust Vertical with their draw process.

We love our client partners and continue to learn from and deliver for them!

"Trust me – your system makes things way easier! I would love if more of the GC’s we work with would use it."
Subcontractor Admin


Admin, Mechanical Subcontractor

"Vertical makes a tedious process much smoother and the money flows quicker! Easy to navigate and very user friendly!"
HVAC Testimonial image


Accounting Manager, HVAC Subcontractor

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