Frequently Asked

We keep this section up to date with our most commonly asked questions from GCs, Title Companies, and Subcontractors.

I was told I need to complete waivers on Vertical. Is it going to cost me?

Nope! It is always free (and easy) to complete a lien waiver request.

How do I get an account to complete waivers?

You will receive an email when you receive your first waiver request. Just follow the link and you'll be all set.

If the requester says they have sent it to you, be sure to check your spam folder just in case.

Does Vertical integrate with Procore?

Yes! The Vertical app in Procore's Marketplace allows contract and payment information to flow from your Procore project into Vertical so all you have to do is request waivers.

Can I use my current accounting system to create waivers through Vertical?

Vertical is platform agnostic, and has the ability to work with any accounting system. Depending on your specific scenario, we'd be happy to discuss what the options might be.

Does Vertical track sub tier waivers?

Yes! When your requests go out to prime subs, they will have the ability to add their own sub tier labors and suppliers. Vertical creates signature-ready lien waivers for everyone that can be signed and returned for review.

What makes your waivers so great?

We have uncommon expertise in, and problem solving minds geared toward the construction draw process. We're kinda waiver experts. The right form, right jurisdiction, correct accounting, and clean formatting - every time.