The best lien waiver management tool for commercial construction.

Stop running draws the old way and automate your lien waiver requests to improve vendor relationships and pay faster.

General Contractors

Equip your project accountants with a super power.  Hand them a better, faster, and stronger lien waiver solution that will make them far more efficient.


It's free to complete a lien waiver request for your GC or title company. Large subs can use Vertical for waiver management as well. Get A Demo!

Title Companies

Accurate documents and organized workflows make management of your portfolio a de-risked dream. Construction escrow officers, rejoice!

"We were so paper heavy. But Vertical allows us to request, review, and organize documents efficiently, making our job so much easier!"
Construction Escrow Officer


Construction Escrow Officer, Title

"Vertical enables me to provide a complete and accurate waiver package to an owner a week faster than our previous waiver process."
GC testimonial photo


Accounting Manager, Commercial GC

Demo Vertical for your draw management.

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